30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living

Sarah January - October 21, 2019

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Walt Disney- Wikipedia

8.Walt Disney-Animation Revolutionary

Walt Disney revolutionized the animation industry and children’s entertainment in the 1950s. During his life, he gave the world endless smiles and laughter with the development of Disneyland, and its iconic character, Mickey Mouse. Though he died of lung cancer in 1966, his legacy did not and park officials claim his spirit didn’t either. Walt had an apartment above Main Street in Disneyland, located above the fire station. A light is always left on in Walt’s apartment. This tradition started when a worker turned the light out one night while closing, and when she returned the light was back on. She even heard a voice whisper, “I’m still here.” Since then, the light has always been left burning for Walt.

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Elizabeth I- Wikipedia

7. Elizabeth I-The Virgin Queen

One of the most prolific rulers in the history of the world was Elizabeth I of England. She accomplished many things during her reign as queen. Her rule was so successful that it is often referred to as the Golden Age. Though history now remembers her fondly, her life had a rough beginning. Between her father executing her mother, being removed from the line of succession multiple times, and being locked in the Tower of London, she had a rough road to the throne. Elizabeth died over 500 years ago, but her descendants say she still walks among them. Her spirit walks to the library in Windsor Castle and floats down the halls. She really likes to appear to her family members as well. The father of England’s current monarch claimed to have seen his ancestor eight times in a row on upon the outbreak of WWII.

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Elvis Presley- Wikipedia

6. Elvis Presley-The King

The King of Rock and Roll is one of the most popular spirits that people continue to see. Famous for his deep voice, handsome face and swiveling hips, Elvis is one of the best selling music artists of all time. Many people claim to see Elvis’ ghost in many different places, but the main place that he is frequently seen is Graceland. Elvis’ home in Memphis is a hotbed of activity when it comes to the King. His image has been caught on film in reflective surfaces and there is supposed video footage that exists as well. There have been hundreds of Elvis sightings in the 40 years since his death. So many in fact that there are those who believe that he isn’t really dead.

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Marilyn Monroe- Wikipedia

5. Marilyn Monroe-Iconic Actress

Actress. Model. Icon. All of these words can be used to describe Marilyn Monroe. Also known as Norma Jean Baker, she starred in films such as Gentleman Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch. Playboy Magazine even used her photo as the centerfold for their first issue. Her life in front of the cameras wasn’t all glitz and glam as she went through three divorces, miscarriages, and conflicts with her studios. She died young of a barbiturate overdose in 1962 and since then her ghost has been seen numerous places. One of the most common places patrons interact with Marilyn is the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The room she stayed in experiences cold spots some of the hotel staff have seen her image in the mirror a time or two when cleaning it. If you want to get up close and personal with the blonde bombshell herself, you can book her old room in the Roosevelt and stay a night.

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Henry VIII- Wikipedia

4. Henry VIII-The Tempermental King

King Henry VIII is one of the most recognizable figures from the Tudor Dynasty. He beheaded two of his wives, divorced two, and died before he could get rid of his last wife. Henry changed the political and cultural landscape of England in a way that shaped the country for years to follow. When he died at a relatively young age, most assumed the temperamental ruler was gone for good. Turns out that he still resides in Windsor Castle alongside other famous British rulers. His apparition stomps up and down hallways and even shouts every so often. As he still clearly harbors some anger from his lifetime so most try to steer clear of his hot-tempered spirit.

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Abraham Lincoln- Wikipedia

3. Abraham Lincoln-Civil War President

On April 15, 1865 the fate of the United States changed forever with the death of Abraham Lincoln. Southern sympathizer John Wilkes Booth assissinated Lincoln following the end of the Civil War. The spirit of the 16th President reportedly still inhabits the halls of the White House. The wife of President Calvin Coolidge was the first to see Lincoln’s ghost standing in the Oval Office looking out of the window. His spirit became active again a century later during FDR’s presidency. Eleanore Roosevelt claimed to feel his presence in her study while she worked there. Even famous visitors to the White House like Winston Churchill have seen him. Lincoln reportedly surprised Churchill when he got out of his evening bath.

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Ben Franklin- Wikipedia

2. Benjamin Franklin-Founding Father

Ben Franklin is one of the most significant figures in American history. As a writer, inventor, and founding father, Franklin’s legacy is almost anywhere you look. He wore many different hats during his lifetime and as such his spirit has been seen in various locations. Philadelphia, the city most closely associated with Franklin, is the most likely place you might see his ghost. People have seen him strolling the streets from time to time, and one woman claimed he had knocked her over while she was in the American Philosophical Society Library. Old Ben also appears to have a sense of humor as he is said to possess the statue of himself that is outside the American Philosophical Society and go dancing in the streets.

30 Ghosts of Historical Figures That May Still Walk Among the Living
Anne Boleyn-Wikipedia

1. Anne Boleyn-The Discarded Queen

Beheaded in 1536 by her angry husband, Henry VIII, Queen Anne Boleyn clearly met a violent end. Scholars say that she may have actually been innocent of the charges Henry brought against her. If this is the case, it would make sense that her soul could not rest peacefully. As such, she has been seen in various places across England. She wanders past the Queen’s House near where she was executed and has appeared to be leading a procession of nobles across the Tower of London. She also appears at her childhood home of Hever Castle around Christmas time and visits Rochford Castle where she and Henry first met. Some who have seen her claim that she also likes to ride around in a carriage, holding her severed head in her lap, just like her niece, the Lady Jane Grey.


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