Jaw Dropping World War II Stories that Deserve to be in the History Books
Jaw Dropping World War II Stories that Deserve to be in the History Books

Jaw Dropping World War II Stories that Deserve to be in the History Books

Khalid Elhassan - August 25, 2021

Jaw Dropping World War II Stories that Deserve to be in the History Books
The surrender of Sakae Oba. Japan Times

1. The End of a Remarkable World War II Holdout Feat

All in all, Captain Sakae Oba and his men held out in the jungles of Saipan for sixteen months after the island had fallen, and for three months after World War II had ended with Japan’s surrender. Eventually, US authorities brought in a Japanese general who had commanded a brigade in Saipan and sent him in to find and reason with Oba. Tramping through the jungle while whistling Japanese military tunes, the general drew out some of the holdouts, who took him to their commander.

After Captain Oba was presented with official documents from the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters that ordered him to lay down his arms, his holdout ended. On December 1st, 1945, Oba marched his charges out of their jungle hideouts, and in a dignified ceremony, surrendered his sword and his command, and brought to an end a remarkable feat of elusiveness. Upon repatriation to Japan, Sakae Oba led a productive life, worked in the private sector, then turned to politics and got elected to his city’s council. He died in 1992, aged 78.


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