Here is the Intense Training Soldiers Went Through During the Vietnam War
Here is the Intense Training Soldiers Went Through During the Vietnam War

Here is the Intense Training Soldiers Went Through During the Vietnam War

Larry Holzwarth - September 23, 2019

Here is the Intense Training Soldiers Went Through During the Vietnam War
Navy recruits were given the opportunity to memorize from The Bluejackets Manual, including this semaphore chart from 1943. US Navy

25. Memorization was often a necessary part of military training

The ability to give a correct answer to a question through memorization of the answer, rather than comprehension of the subject, was a valuable trait during military training. One of the first requirements of recruits was to learn the General Orders of a Sentry. During the Vietnam era, all branches of the military used the same orders, as did the Coast Guard. Their authorship is unknown, they appeared in the Navy Sailor’s bible, The Bluejacket’s Manual, in 1902. Some have ascribed their authorship to George Washington in the Continental Army’s encampment in Cambridge in 1775. The eleven orders were, like the Code of Conduct, expected to be known verbatim by anyone wearing a military uniform.

The Navy version differed from that of its land-based compatriots (who don’t generally have an Officer of the Deck to report to) but the differences during the Vietnam War were minor in nature. A common scenario in basic training was a recruit dropping in utter exhaustion following a five-mile run while carrying up to forty pounds of equipment, only to hear the voice of his drill instructor demanding to know the fifth general order of a sentry. Woe betide the unfortunate trainee who did not leap to attention and respond, “Sir, the fifth general order is Sir, ‘To quit my post only when properly relieved’, Sir”.


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