These 30 Rulers in History Were Hated by All

Few rulers in history have had a more negative impact on the education of their people than China’s Qin Shi Huang. Wikimedia

2. Qin Shi Huang destroyed the educational system of China

Qin Shi Huang distrusted the educated, believing them to be a threat to his rule, and destroyed books on an epic scale, virtually eliminating education in the Chinese provinces he conquered. The killing of Confucian priests was also high on his list of priorities. The building of a wall to keep undesirables out of his lands (a forerunner to China’s Great Wall) and the use of forced labor for both the wall and a roads system led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Qin declared all under his rule to be equal, eliminating the class system and creating a nation of peasants which were little more than slave labor, and had them build a huge hidden tomb with a terra cotta army to accompany him to the next world. His unified China collapsed less than ten years after his 210 BCE death.