Offbeat Warfare Facts that Will Confound History Buffs
Offbeat Warfare Facts that Will Confound History Buffs

Offbeat Warfare Facts that Will Confound History Buffs

Khalid Elhassan - February 15, 2021

Offbeat Warfare Facts that Will Confound History Buffs
Eighteenth-century Austrian hussars. Xenophon Group

1. The Strange Battle That Was Fought – and Lost – Without an Enemy in Sight

The infantry found the missing hussars and demanded a share of their schnapps. The hussars refused, resulting in a brawl that escalated into an exchange of gunfire. During the fight, an infantryman pranked the hussars by shouting “Turci! Turci!” (“Turks! Turks!”). That caused the drunken hussars to flee in terror. However, they were accompanied in their panicked flight by many infantrymen, unaware that the alarm was a trick by a comrade. Across the river, the Austrian camp stirred uneasily at the sounds of distant gunfire and screams. When the panicked hussars and infantry neared the camp, shouting “Turci! Turci!“, they were challenged by sentries who shouted “Halt! Halt!

Offbeat Warfare Facts that Will Confound History Buffs
The Battle of Karansebes. Lock, Stock, and History

That was misheard by non-German speaking soldiers as “Allah! Allah!” In the confusion, an artillery officer thought that the camp was under attack, and ordered his cannons to open fire. As startled and confused soldiers woke up to the sounds of combat, some began firing wildly. Within minutes, the panic and wild firing spread had engulfed the camp. Soon, entire regiments were firing volleys at each other, before the entire army dissolved and scattered in panicked flight. The Turks arrived two days later and captured the Austrian camp, where they found 10,000 dead and wounded.


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