The Ace of Spies and Other Significant Espionage Figures
The Ace of Spies and Other Significant Espionage Figures

The Ace of Spies and Other Significant Espionage Figures

Khalid Elhassan - December 20, 2019

The Ace of Spies and Other Significant Espionage Figures
Harold Cole in disguise. Daily Mail

1. Triple Cross

Over 150 Resistance members were arrested because of the information that Harold Cole gave the Nazis. At least 50 were executed, and Cole was present during the interrogation and torture of many of his former colleagues. When the Allies liberated France in 1944, Cole fled in a Gestapo uniform. He turned up in southern Germany in June 1945, claiming to be a British undercover agent, and offered his services to the American occupation forces. Triple crossing, he turned against the Nazis, hunting and flushing them out of hiding, and murdering at least one of them.

The British eventually arrested Cole, but he escaped while awaiting court martial and fled to France. There, French police received a tip-off revealing his whereabouts in a central Paris apartment. On January 8th, 1946, they crept up a staircase to seize him, but their heavy tread gave them away. Cole met them at the doorway, pistol in hand, and was killed in the ensuing shootout.


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