40 Historical Facts Accepted as Real For Many Years
40 Historical Facts Accepted as Real For Many Years

40 Historical Facts Accepted as Real For Many Years

Khalid Elhassan - February 14, 2020

40 Historical Facts Accepted as Real For Many Years
A tweaking SS member. American Heroes Channel

1. German Soldiers Were Not Indefatigable: They Were Tweaking

The German military authorities’ spicing of Pervitin with cocaine resulted in an even more addictive drug cocktail. Millions in the German military could not get enough of their crystal meth, and especially not enough of their crystal meth after it got laced with cocaine. Many wrote home, requesting their loved ones to send them Pervitin via military mail.

A typical example was Heinrich Boll, a German postwar author who won the 1972 Nobel Prize for literature. In a May 20th, 1940 letter to his parents, 22-year-old Boll begged them to send him some Pervitin, which he said not only kept him alert but also chased away his worries.


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