The Fart That Killed 10,000 People, and Other Weird Moments From History

The Jerusalem Temple in Roman times. Roman Jews

39. History’s Deadliest Fart

History’s deadliest fart was let go around the time of Passover in 44 AD, in Jerusalem, not long after the death of King Herod Agrippa. As thousands of Jews gathered to partake in the Passover feast and festivities, a Roman soldier stationed above the temple turned around, bared his butt, mooned the crowd, and cut a fart.

Understandably, the religious crowd below did not take kindly to the blasphemous insult in the temple. Rioting broke out, and the Romans rushed in soldiers to quell the disturbances. Things escalated, and by the time the dust settled, about 10,000 people lay dead – all because of a chain of events that started with a fart. As seen below, Jewish historian Flavius Josephus left posterity an account of the lethal posterior emission.