Some of the Greatest Men in History Had Dark and Scandalous Secrets
Some of the Greatest Men in History Had Dark and Scandalous Secrets

Some of the Greatest Men in History Had Dark and Scandalous Secrets

Khalid Elhassan - January 31, 2022

Some of the Greatest Men in History Had Dark and Scandalous Secrets
Napoleon’s 1807 rabbit hunt got awkward. Cartoon Network

1. A Great Conqueror’s Humiliating Flight

As thousands of bunnies bounded towards them rather than flee for their lives, Napoleon’s party laughed at first. The laughter stopped and concern grew, however, as the onslaught continued. The rabbits swarmed the Emperor’s legs and climbed up his jacket. He tried to shoo them with his riding crop, while those around him tried to chase them away with sticks. There were just too many of them, however, and Napoleon was forced to flee to his carriage. As one account described it: “with a finer understanding of Napoleonic strategy than most of his generals, the rabbit horde divided into two wings and poured around the flanks of the party and headed for the imperial coach“.

Even in his carriage, Napoleon was not safe. Some rabbits jumped in with Le Empereur, who ordered his coachmen to whip the horses into a hasty retreat. In an awkward defeat, Europe’s hegemon had been beaten by bunnies. It turned out that the bizarre debacle had been Berthier’s fault. Rather than capture wild hares, he had bought tame rabbits from nearby farms, that were accustomed to people. When released from their cages, they did not fear Napoleon’s party as potential predators. Instead, they bounded towards them in the expectation that the Emperor of the French and his companions would feed them their dinner.


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