Brutal and Intriguing Facts About Celtic Life
Brutal and Intriguing Facts About Celtic Life

Brutal and Intriguing Facts About Celtic Life

Natasha sheldon - September 2, 2019

Brutal and Intriguing Facts About Celtic Life
A panoramic view of the Rivers Wye and Severn, showing boats and ships by Amelia de Suffren c.1802. National Museum of Wales. Wikimedia commons. Public Domain.

35. The Romans may have conquered the Celts. But the Celtic legacy is preserved today

The ancient Celts may be gone, but they are not forgotten, and their legacy survives to this day in many European languages and place names. Two-thirds of England’s rivers have Celtic names, such as the rivers Avon, Severn, Derwent and Trent. So too do many of their continental counterparts such as Germany’s River Neckar which derives from the Celtic for wild water. Celtic languages also still survive such as Welsh, Breton, Cornish, Gaelic and Irish.


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