35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family

Trista - December 10, 2019

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
A young Anne Frank. islington.media.

8. Anne Frank Lived The Life Of A Deep And Emotional Person

Anne Frank had more talents in her short life than people realize. Not only was Anne a great writer, but she was extremely passionate. In fact, Otto stated later in his life that Anne suffered from terrible mood swings because of her strong emotions.

Otto stated of his relationship between his daughters that he became closer to Anne because “Margot rarely showed her feelings and didn’t need as much support because she didn’t suffer from mood swings as much as Anne did.” In response, Margot became closer to her mother.

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
Image of Anne Frank with writing. Tampa Bay.

7. Anne Frank Planned Her Future In Her Diary

Anne Frank spent most of her days while in hiding writing. She had several notebooks along with her famous red checkered diary named Kitty. Anne wrote about everything her heart desired from the day’s events to the news about World War II, and her dreams of the future.

Anne wrote in her diary, “I need to have something besides a husband and children to devote myself to!” and “I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living after my death!”

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
Reconstruction of the secret annex bathroom. Anne Frank.org

6. Anne Frank Struggled To Live In The Secret Annex With So Many People

It is well-known that Anne Frank had a talent for writing. She loved to be alone with her thoughts so she could continue to write and let her creativity flow. She struggled when it came to this while living for two years in the secret annex.

Anne wrote in her diary that a life of hiding is complicated in several pages of her journal. She wrote about how quiet everyone needed to be and that they could rarely go outside, except during the night. Because of this, Anne wrote about a lot of arguments and irritability within the group.

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
Memorial for Anne Frank and her sister, Margot. Wikimedia.

5. Just Days Before Authorities Raided The Annex, Anne Felt Hopeful For The World

No matter how much Anne struggled emotionally and mentally during her two years in hiding, she continued to plan for her future and remained hopeful. While no one knows her direct thoughts living in the concentration camp, Anne felt much hope for the world.

Just days before authorities arrested everyone in the annex, Anne wrote in her diary, “I feel the suffering of millions. And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better, that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquility will return once more.”

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
Peter van Pels and Anne Frank. NY Daily News.

4. Anne Frank Received Her First Kiss While Hiding

Even though Anne Frank felt she couldn’t confide everything to one person, she developed a close relationship with the son of Otto’s business partner, Peter van Pels. Peter and Anne were close in age, though Peter was closer in age to Margot.

Anne confessed in her diary that she didn’t truly love Peter. Instead, he became a stand-in for the real boy she loved, also named Peter. The two remained close, which caused Margot to become a bit jealous. Anne received her first kiss from Peter but didn’t cite any incredible magic with the kiss.

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
Anne Frank’s Diary, “Dear Kitty.” Anne Frank.org

3. Anne Planned On Publishing Her Diary After World War II

Anne Frank used her diary, whom she named “Kitty,” to open up about her fears, daily life, and everything else. Her diary became her best friend, and she spent hours writing. Anne wanted to become a famous writer, and she felt her diary would lead her to this goal.

The idea to publish her diary happened on March 28, 1944, when her family listened to a BBC broadcast that stated the Dutch minister of education, art, and science, Gerrit Bolkestein, wanted to publish eyewitness accounts after the war. Anne planned on publishing her diary, calling it The Secret Annex.

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family
Anne Frank writing in 1941. Columbian.

2. Anne Frank Dreamed Of Becoming A Famous Writer

No one knows precisely when Anne’s dreams of becoming a writer came to be, but she spent most of her time writing while hiding in the secret annex. Anne hoped that after the war, she could return to school and then begin traveling the world.

In addition to writing in her diary, Anne wrote several short stories. She also collected quotes from books and wrote them in various places in a notebook. On May 11, 1944, Anne opened up about her dreams for the future when she wrote she wanted to become “a journalist, and later on a famous writer.”

35 Captivating Facts About Anne Frank And Her Family

Anne Frank’s signature. Wikimedia.

1. The Diary Of Anne Frank Is The Most Read Account Of The Holocaust

There are many stories and novels about the Holocaust. It is a part of history that remains one of the most read topics. However, Anne Frank’s diary is the biggest story to come out of the Holocaust. The book is translated into 70 different languages and sold millions of copies.

Otto Frank debated for a while on whether to publish Anne’s diary. While he made a few changes, from the moment he released the journal until he died, Otto did everything he could to keep the memory of Anne and the rest of his family alive.


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