Lesser Known, but Intriguing Historic Criminals

The note used in the hijacking of Flight 701. The Skies Belong to Us

38. Hijacking Flight 701

Willie Roger Holder and Cathy Kerkow really liked weed, and really liked counterculture politics. At some point while the duo were blazed, he suggested that they hijack an airplane, take the passengers hostage, and swap them for Angela Davis, a UCLA professor and Black Panther then on trial for the murder of a judge (she was acquitted).

On June 2nd, 1972, Willie, in his Army dress uniform with Cathy by his side, boarded Western Airlines Flight 701, a Boeing 727 headed to Seattle. Mid-flight, he handed a stewardess a note stating that “There are four of us and two bombs. Do as you’re told and No shooting will take place”. He also showed off a briefcase with wires ominously sticking out of it.