How Food Stamps Really Started
How Food Stamps Really Started

How Food Stamps Really Started

Trista - January 15, 2020

How Food Stamps Really Started
Millions of Americans use food stamps, which allow them to cook well-balanced meals at home. Fox Chicago.

2. SNAP Focuses More On Eating Healthy

One of the biggest changes made throughout Food Stamp history, other than the name change, is the food recipients of the program receive. When Food Stamps first started, the point was to help everyone from farmers to the consumer. Today, one of the most significant aspects of SNAP is to make sure people eat healthily.

While you can purchase unhealthy food with SNAP, there are restrictions. You are also persuaded to focus more on healthy food and ingredients that allow you to make a well-balanced meal for your family.

How Food Stamps Really Started
President Trump and the controversy of food stamps. WFAA.

1. The Use Of Food Stamps Is Still Mixed To This Day

Over the past few months, the discussion of food stamps has skyrocketed due to United States President Trump creating a new food stamp rule which cuts the benefit for many people. While some people agree with this cut, often citing that people misuse the program, other people disagree by stating it brings more people close to poverty.

No matter what side of the fence you are on, you can’t deny that the history of food stamps goes back 80 years. However, one factor that hasn’t changed is that the program started as a way to help Americans put food on the table, and this is still the point of food stamps.


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