40 Facts About Charles Manson, the Notrious Cult-leader
40 Facts About Charles Manson, the Notrious Cult-leader

40 Facts About Charles Manson, the Notrious Cult-leader

Tim Flight - September 1, 2019

40 Facts About Charles Manson, the Notrious Cult-leader
Manson’s dramatically changed image during his trial, 1970. NBC

4. Manson had a swastika tattooed between his eyebrows

Throughout their trial, all Family members, including Manson, had the letter ‘X’ carved between their eyebrows to show solidarity. But when Manson suddenly changed his appearance from innocuous-looking, long-haired hippy to thuggish skinhead, he altered the mark into a crude swastika. He later turned this into a tattoo during his incarceration, when he had more time on his hands. ‘The mark on my head simulates the dead head black stamp of rejection, anti-church, falling cross, devil sign, death, terror, fear’, he explained in a 1971 interview. His white supremacist beliefs presumably also contributed to his adoption of the Nazi symbol.

40 Facts About Charles Manson, the Notrious Cult-leader
3 Manson at a 1986 parole hearing. Variety

3. In 1984, a fellow inmate set Manson on fire, leaving him with burns covering 20% of his body

At the time of his final, unsuccessful appeal for parole in 2012, Manson had committed 108 serious discipline violations during his incarceration, 35 of which were violent. His predilection for violence, swastika tattoo, and the heinous crimes he committed made him a target for many other prisoners. In 1984, he was involved in a particularly nasty incident at the California Medical Facility. After threatening fellow inmate, Jan Holmstrom, for his religious beliefs, second-degree murderer Holmstrom doused Manson in paint thinner at the facility’s hobby shop and set him on fire. Manson suffered burns on 20% of his body.

40 Facts About Charles Manson, the Notrious Cult-leader
Charles Manson, Corocan State Prison, a few months before his death in November 2017. HDNux

2. He died in 2017, having never expressed any remorse for his crimes

In total, Manson was convicted of 9 murders, some of which only came to light during his imprisonment. For decades, he denied all charges against him, but in 2011 he had the following to say to a prison psychologist: ‘I am special. I am not like the average inmate. I have put five people in the grave.’ But although he seems to have admitted to some of the murders for which he was convicted (assuming these weren’t others that hadn’t been discovered), Manson never once showed remorse for what he’d done. He died alone after a heart attack in 2017.

40 Facts About Charles Manson, the Notrious Cult-leader
Manson’s debut LP, cynically released in 1970 while he was on remand for the 1969 murders. Discogs

1. Manson has released several albums, and there is still something of a cult surrounding him to this day…

Manson’s trial gave him the level of fame he had long-coveted, and the platform from which to spread his beliefs. Unable to secure a record deal before his arrest in 1969, a recording of 13 of his songs, Lie: The Love and Terror Cult, was released shortly before the trial got underway, and he recorded many other albums during his imprisonment. Manson gave many interviews while in prison, some of which were filmed for documentaries. References to Manson’s thoughts are numerous in popular music but, most disturbingly, he is still idolized by Neo-Nazi groups across the world today.


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