The Bermuda Triangle Myth Was Created by the Media
The Bermuda Triangle Myth Was Created by the Media

The Bermuda Triangle Myth Was Created by the Media

Larry Holzwarth - May 21, 2022

The Bermuda Triangle Myth Was Created by the Media

The loss of Navy Flight 19 continues to be attributed by believers to sinister elements at work within the Bermuda Triangle. Naval Aviation Museum

20. It’s impossible to disprove the supernatural nature of the Bermuda Triangle

One cannot prove definitively that there is no death ray powered by an ancient power source emanating from lost Atlantis, far below the Atlantic’s surface. One cannot prove definitively that no extraterrestrials use the Bermuda Triangle as a portal through which to transport humans to other realms. Nor can one disprove the theory the triangle is a window through which humans are whisked, through supernatural means, to another dimension of time and space. But one can prove that many of the incidents so described by believers in the Bermuda Triangle don’t meet the criteria they promote. The evidence of more realistic events aligning to lead to disaster and disappearance outweigh the speculation of supernatural action. Human error, lapses of judgment, and failure of technology appear as the main cause of accidents within the Bermuda Triangle, which does not have an inordinately greater number of such incidents so often claimed.

The Bermuda Triangle Myth Was Created by the Media
The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle lives on through the media sensationalism. Tech Explorist.

But one can trace, through the sequence of articles, books, films, essays, lectures, and discussions, how the urban myth of the Bermuda Triangle was shaped over the 1950s through the present day. One can also compare the assertions of those supporting the supernatural Bermuda Triangle to the official records and investigation reports and easily spot the discrepancies. The believers in the triangle shaped events, locations, and timing to support their hypotheses. The investigators attempted to determine, through scientific method, what led to the disaster in question. The result was the myth of the Bermuda Triangle, complete with government efforts to keep its true nature covered up from the public. “The Coast Guard is not impressed with supernatural explanations of disasters at sea”, reads an official document from that organization. And every day they venture into the triangle, trying to prevent those very disasters at sea.

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