30 Things You Could Buy For $1 in 1900
30 Things You Could Buy For $1 in 1900

30 Things You Could Buy For $1 in 1900

Shannon Quinn - March 28, 2019

30 Things You Could Buy For $1 in 1900
A potato farmer hard at work. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

1. 70 Pounds of Potatoes

There is a stereotype that potatoes are popular among poor people, and that’s for good reason. Back in 1900, you could buy 70 pounds of potatoes for $1. That’s a lot of potatoes! Since they can be mashed, fried, put into soups and so much more, potatoes are delicious and versatile food. They became a must-have in the standard American diet, and when you think about how much we still love french fries, things haven’t changed very much.


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