What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin

Trista - January 4, 2019

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
Franklin’s 13 virtues. Paul Helmick.

8. Franklin Strived To Live By 13 Virtues

Benjamin Franklin tried to live the best life he could. Every day, Franklin would work to be a better person than he was the day before. In order to help himself in his quest, around the age of 20, Franklin created a list of 13 virtues. Every day, Franklin would pick an attribute and work on acting it out the best way he could. In his mind, Franklin believed that these virtues would lead him to become the best person he could be.

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
An illustration of Benjamin Franklin as a firefighter. All That’s Interesting.

7. Benjamin Franklin Started The First Volunteer Fire Department

As stated before, Benjamin Franklin wrote about anything he felt or believed people could improve on. One of these issues was the need for better fire protection. Through a series of articles, he wrote and published in the Pennsylvania Gazette, Franklin discussed the idea of better fire protection, and soon others came into action to help with this idea. Together, this group of people established the Union Fire Company of Pennsylvania in December of 1736, which makes this the first volunteer fire department. Over time, the fire department also became known as Benjamin Franklin’s Bucket Brigade.

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
A painting of Benjamin Franklin. Education Reviews.

6. Benjamin Franklin Was A Fashion Icon

It seems that nearly everything Benjamin Franklin did in his life, he succeeded. This concept is even real when it came down to fashion. While Benjamin Franklin wore the same types of suits that many other men of his day and social class wore, he became known as a fashion icon in France. This idea was especially true when Franklin would wear his plain American clothes with a rustic fur hat. This look especially caught on for women of the time, and soon they were wearing fur hats wherever they went.

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin and skeleton bones in the dirt. Vintage News.

5. Human Bones Were Found In Franklin’s Basement

Franklin lived in London for nearly 20 years while he was an ambassador for America. During this time, Franklin lived in a home which was renovated by the Friends of Benjamin Franklin House in 1998. The plan was to restore the house so it could become a museum. While this house is now a museum, during renovation contractors found more than 1,000 human bones in the basement. Of course, this secret was taken to the grave by Franklin so we may never know exactly why but some believe it was because Franklin was into the anatomy.

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography book. Aliens in the Apple.

4. Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography Is Still The Most Popular Book In Its Genre

Benjamin Franklin started writing his autobiography early in his life. He would work on a little bit here and there and then not touch it for years. However, in 1771, Benjamin Franklin realized he was getting old and began to work nearly around the clock to get his autobiography completed. While he did finish his autobiography years before his death but never published it in his lifetime, today, Franklin’s autobiography is a classic piece of literature in its genre and still a top-rated book.

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
The first U.S. postage stamp: Ben Franklin (Red Brown) 5 Cents (Scott #1) U.S. Post Office, 1847. Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.

3. Franklin Nearly Died In A Fire

Like with most people of his time, Benjamin Franklin enjoyed going to see shows. During his time, he saw many plays in theaters and opera houses. However, one performance in 1781 would almost cause his death. As Benjamin Franklin was enjoying the show with the rest of the crowd, a fire started in the theater. Of course, it became chaos as people were trying to leave and Franklin, along with many others, barely escaped the burning building, which was destroyed by the fire.

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin. Library of Congress.

2. Benjamin Franklin Was A Librarian

Benjamin Franklin not only started the first volunteer fire department in Pennsylvania, but he also started the first lending library. In 1731, Benjamin Franklin founded the Library Company of Philadelphia. This library was a bit different than what we know of libraries today, but it did create the foundation for the modern-day free public libraries. Franklin not only served as a librarian for the library, but he also served as the library’s secretary from 1746 until 1757.

What All History Lovers Should Know About Benjamin Franklin

First lending library known as the Library Company of Philadelphia by Charles Mills murals. Benjamin Franklin History.

1. Franklin Created An Arm To Reach Books

Throughout his life, Benjamin Franklin had a love for books and what would become known as libraries. While Benjamin Franklin was not a short person, his height was about 5 feet, 9 inches; he still had trouble reaching books that were on the top shelves. Therefore, Franklin did what he knew to do and invented contraception which would help him reach these books. Franklin invented a mechanical arm which someone could wear that would allow them to help get the books on the top shelves.


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