25 Unpleasant Facts About the Jonestown Massacre

25 Unpleasant Facts About the Jonestown Massacre

By Trista
25 Unpleasant Facts About the Jonestown Massacre

On November 19, 1978, over 900 people died from drinking cyanide-laced Flavor Aid. On this date, parents and children gathered at the compound of the Peoples Temple cult in Jonestown, Guyana, knowing the fate that awaited them. An outcome that would leave the world spinning. 

Their leader, Reverend Jim Jones asked the parents to give their children the drink. After, they were to take a drink. The group would die together, placing this date in history as one of the most significant losses of civilian life as the result of a deliberate act. 


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25. The People’s Temple Was A Church That Helped People In Need

Established in 1956 by Jim Jones, the People’s Temple was a church that focused on helping people in need. In fact, this was one of the main ways that Reverend Jim Jones pushed to find members. After all, most people want to feel like they are giving back to their community. 

Jones knew that one of the best organizations to accomplish this was a church. It didn’t take the People’s Temple long to start growing. The People’s Temple looked like any other helpful church in the community. Jim Jones and his family seemed like the perfect family to manage a church.