25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin

Trista - October 3, 2019

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin

9. Charles Darwin Took A Life-Changing Voyage Around The World

Charles Darwin enjoyed traveling and took many voyages throughout his life. However, one of the most important journeys of his life occurred in 1831 through 1836. This was when Darwin took his trip around the world on the HMS Beagle.

Throughout the voyage, Darwin kept great notes on everything he saw, heard, and discovered. He would not only write the information down, but he would also draw various things he saw. For example, he had several illustrations of birds. This voyage also brought him the knowledge to establish the Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection.

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
Mrs. Darwin’s Recipe Book, Amazon.

8. We Know So Much About Darwin Because Of His Detailed Record-Keeping

There is much information that often gets lost in history because people didn’t write anything down. This was not the way Charles Darwin handled what he studied and learned. Not only did he write notes and describe what he learned, but he also drew pictures.

Darwin wrote down everything he did, including the types of animals he ate. For example, Darwin described his experience of eating an owl, which he said was indescribable. Today, there is even a book that holds the recipes that fueled Darwin on his voyage around the world.

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
Backgammon with chips, 123rf.

7. Darwin Loved To Play Backgammon

After Charles Darwin became ill later in his life, he tried many ways to overcome this illness. His chronic sickness of headaches and nausea made it hard for Darwin to work. He would sometimes lie in bed for days at a time.

Through his record-keeping, Darwin quickly noticed that his illness spiked when he felt stressed. Therefore, he decided that the best way to handle his illness was to ensure he didn’t become stressed was to relax. He created a strict daily schedule and played backgammon with his wife to de-stress. Every night between 8 and 8:30 they played two games.

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin at the age of 7, Wikimedia.

6. People Believe Darwin Suffered From Social Anxiety

Charles Darwin is known as a quiet person who liked to keep to himself. While he spent a lot of time with his family and traveled, he did not spend much time in social settings. In fact, Darwin is known to become nervous in front of people, making many historians believe he suffered from social anxiety.

Some of Darwin’s fear steams from his Theory of Evolution. When Darwin wrote the theory, he became obsessed with what people would think about him. He became afraid that people would see him as a fool.

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin’s grave, Flickr.

5. Charles Darwin Is Buried Near Sir Isaac Newton

Even though Charles Darwin suffered from chronic illness as an adult, he lived into his 70s. Charles Darwin passed away on April 19, 1882. While the world mourned the death of the Theory of Evolution creator, his family figured out the best way to keep his memory alive.

Darwin received the honor of gaining a spot in Westminster Abbey. The only reason Darwin received this burial place is because of his work on the Theory of Evolution. The inscription on his grave reads, “CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN BORN FEBRUARY 12 1809. DIED APRIL 19 1882.”

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
The Church of England, CBN news.

4. The Church of England Gave Darwin A Belated Apology

Charles Darwin’s faith in God declined while he studied Divinity at Cambridge University. While Darwin remained quiet about this throughout most of his life, he did discuss a bit about his change in religion. He explained how he questioned faith and the Bible. While Darwin never truly gave up on God, the Church of England gave up on Darwin.

One hundred twenty-five years after Darwin’s death, the Church of England issued Darwin an apology. The church stated, “Charles Darwin: 200 years from your birth, the Church of England owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and…encouraging others to misunderstand you still…”

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
Illustration of slavery, Aero Magazine.

3. Charles Darwin Became A Huge Supporter Of England After The Country Abolished Slavery

Charles Darwin always cared for England. However, his emotions started to run deeper for England once they decided to abolish slavery. Darwin, who wrote more than he spoke out about social issues, often stated his distaste for the institution of slavery.

Once England abolished slavery, Darwin stated, “I have watched how steadily the general feeling, as shown at elections, has been rising against slavery. What a proud thing for England if she is the first European nation which utterly abolishes it!”

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
Illustration of John Edmonstone and Charles Darwin, Ozy.

2. A Freed Slaved Inspired Charles Darwin

Not only did Charles Darwin despise the institution of slavery, but a freed slave by the name of John Edmonstone inspired Darwin. Edmonstone taught Darwin taxidermy at Edinburgh University. Edmonstone also joined Darwin on his voyage around the world.

Throughout the voyage, Darwin continued to learn from Edmonstone. For example, Darwin preserved the famed finches he collected on his trip through techniques Edmonstone taught him. Without the teachings of Edmonstone, Darwin believed he would have struggled to understand bugs and animals. Darwin became interested in natural history because of Edmonstone.

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin, Medium.

1. Darwin Took His Famous Voyage Around The World Because Of A Tutor

Charles Darwin had a unique hunger for knowledge, but he didn’t come up with every idea alone. Darwin never once took the full credit he deserved, but he always gave credit where it needed to go. For instance, he noted how John Edmonstone inspired him on his voyage around the world.

Another person who set Charles Darwin up for his success spent his time teaching Darwin in college. Darwin’s tutor told him to take a biology research trip around the world on the HMS Beagle. However, it wasn’t to learn more about the world but understand his views on religion.


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