25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin

25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin

By Trista
25 Evolutionary Facts About Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is such an influential figure in history that he has his own day. Darwin is best known for his theory of evolution – an argument that rocked the science world during the 19th century. While Charles Darwin is a name most children learn in school, most people don’t know much about Darwin.

When Darwin brought his evolution theory to light, most people didn’t want to hear about it. Darwin faced glared as some people would spit and throw stones in his direction. People didn’t want to learn more about Charles Darwin. At least, not until decades later.


Charles Darwin Family Tree, Discovering Galapagos

25. Charles Darwin Lived A Prestigious But Sad Childhood

Charles Darwin came into this world on February 12, 1809, to Susanna and Robert Darwin. Charles became their fifth child. The couple would go on to have one more child after Charles. Born near Shrewsbury, England, Darwin’s lived in a Georgian home. Robert was a financier and a doctor.

At the age of 8, Darwin’s world changed when his mother passed away. As his father continued to work to care for the family, Darwin’s older sisters took charge of his upbringing. This event caused Darwin to suffer from episodes of depression throughout his life.