21 Photos of the Horrific 1984 California McDonald's Massacre

21 Photos of the Horrific 1984 California McDonald’s Massacre

By Jacob Miller
21 Photos of the Horrific 1984 California McDonald’s Massacre

The San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre was a mass shooting that occurred in and around a McDonald’s in the San Ysidro neighborhood of San Diego on July 18, 1984. 41-year old James Huberty shot and killed 21 people and injured 19 others before he was fatally shot by the SWAT team.

On July 15, 1954, Huberty mentioned to his wife, Etna, that he might be mentally ill. Two days later, on July 17, Huberty called a mental health clinic requesting an appointment. The following morning, the morning before the massacre, Huberty took his wife and his daughters to the San Diego Zoo. Huberty told his wife that he felt as if his life was over because the mental health clinic never returned phone call. He stated that “society had their chance.”

When they returned home from the zoo, Huberty kissed his wife goodbye and told her that he was “going hunting humans.”

At about 4:00 in the afternoon, Huberty pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot. The shooting began.

At 5:17, the SWAT sniper on the roof of the post office across the street had a clear view of Huberty. He fired a single round, killing Huberty.

The McDonald’s donated the land to the city and a monument has been erected on the grounds, commemorating the deceased.

Gunman at the McDonalds shooting in San Ysidoro, Calif., James Oliver Huberty. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Etna Huberty (pictured), wife of killer James Huberty, said she had no idea what he was planning. Daily Mail
James Huberty, I’ll give you 100 yds AR15
On July 18, 1984, he took his family to the San Diego Zoo. Afterward he told his wife that he was going hunting humans and went to a McDonald’s in San Ysidro. Armed with three guns, he killed 21 people and wounded 19 more. Pinterest
A bloodied victim is led away by police as SWAT officers assist the wounded at a McDonald’s restaurant, July 18, 1984 in San Ysidro, California. AP Photo
The massacre lasted for 77 minutes until Huberty was fatally shot by a SWAT team sniper. Pinterest
According to witnesses, Huberty ran in, shouted ‘freeze’, then showered bullets. Daily Mail
San Diego Police officers escort out McDonald’s employees after gunman James Oliver Huberty shot and killed 20 people and injured 20 others on July 18, 1984. (UNION-TRIBUNE : JAMES SKOVMAND: CORBIS)
Staff screamed as they ran out of the diner in horror on July 18, 1984. Daily Mail
A San Diego Police Officer escorts a woman away from the scene in San Ysidro. Daily Mail