16 Facts About The Chernobyl Disaster
16 Facts About The Chernobyl Disaster

16 Facts About The Chernobyl Disaster

Trista - March 16, 2019

16 Facts About The Chernobyl Disaster
Graffiti in Pripyat. Alex Cheban/ Ukraine Travel Blog.

2. Liquidators Were Forced To Kill Animals

Not only did human suffer in the aftermath of the explosion. Officially, people told the residents that they wouldn’t be gone long so many did not bring their pets as they believed the officials who would be the city up from the explosion would take care of them. Unfortunately, those who left their pets would never see from them again because the cleaning crew was told to kill the animals they came across as officials didn’t want the animals to leave the exclusion zone.

Years later, some of the people that were asked to kill the animals described the task. One person stated that the animals were easy to shoot because they were pets and did not fear them. They were happy to see a human as they had been alone in houses, barns, or wandering around town for days to weeks. The person stated that all they had to do was call out to the animal, who would then follow the voice, which is when they would kill the animals. They were then loaded up in a dump truck.

16 Facts About The Chernobyl Disaster
An abandoned building in Pripyat. Bryan Denton/ New York Times.

1. Officials Told Residents They Would Return In Three Days

Not only did Soviet Union officials tell the residents of Pripyat that they had an hour to collect a few necessities, but they would be allowed to return to their homes in three days. Of course, over three decades later, we know that the residents would never really be allowed to go back to their homes, even though some did and some refused to leave. However, the Soviet Union officially downplayed the disaster so much that residents believed they would be able to return within a few days.

According to victims, the officials told residents that they needed to leave so everything could be washed, which would make it safe for them to return. Victims stated they felt that they had been given a vacation and looked forward to the opportunity as officials made everything seem like it wasn’t a big deal as long as they washed everything correctly. So, the kids packed up their school books as parents packed up a couple of smaller belongings they needed and left. It would be well over three days before the residents learned that they would never return to their homes.


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