These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene

Trista - January 24, 2020

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
Princess Marie-Chantal Miller. Wikimedia.

8. Princess Marie-Chantal Miller’s Dad Gave $2 Million For Her Wedding

Robert Miller, Marie-Chantal’s father, is a luxurious good billionaire. Therefore, Marie came into this world rich, but this still didn’t stop her from becoming richer when she married Prince Pavlos, the Crown Prince of Greece.

While Marie wasn’t a royal, the royal family didn’t mind because she is a member of the world’s highest society. Because of this, Marie-Chantel received a $2 million dowry on her wedding day. On top of this, her family also hosted a pre-wedding reception that fed over 1,300 guests. But that’s not all. The bride’s wedding dress cost more than $200,000.

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
Alexandra Von Furstenberg. Haute Living.

7. Marie-Chantel Wasn’t The Only Member Of Her Family To Receive Such A High Dowry.

Princess Marie-Chantel is one of three women to have married from her family. For all three of his daughters, Robert Miller only gave the best. Not only did Marie receive a $200 million dowry from her father, but her two sisters, Alexandra and Pia, did as well.

Alexandra married a German Prince and received the same treatment as her sister, Marie-Chantel. Pai, who married a Getty heir, also had an expensive and large wedding along with receiving a $2 million dowry.

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
Joan Beaufort. Pinterest.

6. Joan Beaufort Fell In Love With A Captive Whose Family Refused To Pay Ransom

Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland, the daughter of the first Earl of Somerset, John Beaufort, and Margaret Holland. England officials kidnapped her future husband, James I of Scotland as a young child. He lived with the English for 18 years because his uncle refused to pay James’ ransom.

While in bondage, Joan and James met and instantly fell in love. In the hopes of winning Joan’s heart, James wrote her a love poem. Whether the poem did the trick or Joan loved James before, she fell madly in love with him. The only problem – he still lived in bondage.

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
James I of Scotland. Wikimedia.

5. James I Received Freedom And Used Joan’s Dowry As A Ransom Payment

Once the English royal family realized that Joan marrying James would give them good alliance with Scotland, a deal to release James came into play. Around the same time, James’ uncle died, and his cousin, who wanted James home, became king.

The deal for James’ ransom stated that he would pay his debt in installments. For each payment, he would send a Scottish hostage from a noble family in his place. England agreed and they also forgave one installment due to his marriage to Joan. They considered this installment as Joan’s dowry payment.

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
King David and his wife, Mical. Learn Religions.

4. David Brought 200 Foreskins To His Bride-To-Be’s Father

While most people know David as the man who became King of Israel and killed Goliath, he is also known for one of the strangest dowries in history. Historically, the bride’s family sent the dowry with their daughter on her wedding day, but David needed to prove his strength to his future father-in-law, King Saul and needed to bring the dowry himself.

Sent to die in battle, David’s father-in-law told him to bring back 100 foreskins if he wanted to marry his daughter. The show-off David always proved to be, he brought back 200 foreskins and the couple married.

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
Princess Margaret of Austria. Wikimedia.

3. Princess Margaret Of Austria Nearly Lost Parts Of France

Princess Margaret lived during a time where parents arranged marriages when their children were young. Princess Margaret’s parents arranged her wedding at the age of three to King Charles VIII of France. Part of Margaret’s dowry decided during the arrangement, included several territories, such as Artois, Burgundy, Auxerre.

However, when Princess Margaret became marrying age, things started to change. While Margaret lived with her future husband as a child, she would not marry the man. Because the plans for marriage ended, Charles needed to give back the lands.

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
Consort Jin. Wikimedia.

2. Qing Dynasty Consort Jin Received An Interesting Object As Part Of Her Dowry

Not everyone receives money, a home, or land when they get married. Some people receive objects that many people might find interesting or useless today. One of the most significant examples of a dowry that wasn’t spendy for its time is the Jadeite Cabbage that Consort Jin brought as her dowry.

During her time, the Jadeite Cabbage wasn’t expensive, but the meaning behind the Jadeite Cabbage meant more. The insects that are hidden among the bok-choy’s leaves represent fertility. The bok-choy leaves is seen as a symbol of purity. For Consort Jin’s time, the meaning is far greater than monetary value.

These Lavish Dowries In History are Obscene
Jadeite cabbage Consort Jin received for her dowry settlement. Wikimedia.

1. The Jadeite Cabbage Means More Now Than Ever Before

Even though the Jadeite Cabbage Consort Jin received had unknown value during her time, the object is seen as a national treasure today. In fact, the value and esteem have only increased over the years. The item is carved from a single piece of green and milky white jade. Many people compare it to a type of food.

It is possible to see the Jadeite Cabbage today as it sits in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. People from all over the world take a look at the object and see it as a rare and national treasure that is irreplaceable.


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