Little Known Facts About Diana, Princess of Wales

The iconic Rowing Blazers black sheep jumper. Credit: Vanity Fair

19. She Wore Iconic Sweaters (Or Jumpers, as the Brits Call Them.)

After becoming a Princess, Diana became a fashion icon. Paparazzi photographed her at every public event wearing designer gowns. But years before she was officially royalty, she always had a keen fashion sense. She also became friends with several fashion designers during her time as princess.


Some of the most famous pieces of clothing she made popular were her sweaters, or “jumpers” as the Brits call them. A company called Rowing Blazers recently started making the vintage patterns that Diana once wore, like the black sheep. These were so popular, they immediately sold out. If you want one, you’ll have to pre-order it at $300 and wait several months for it to be made.