Little Known Facts About Diana, Princess of Wales

Little Known Facts About Diana, Princess of Wales

By Shannon Quinn
Little Known Facts About Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales, was known as “The People’s Princess”. She was incredibly well-loved for being down-to-earth, charitable, and kind. Her beauty and youthful spirit made her a favorite, and millions mourned her death when she died. Even decades after her death, people still remember Princess Diana as their favorite member of the royal family. But there are plenty of secrets that went on behind closed doors. Even if you watched The Crown Season 4, there are plenty of facts that you may not have known about Princess Diana.

Diana at 19 years old, working at a nursery school. Credit: AARP

20. As a Child, She was Called Stupid by Her Family

Members of the aristocracy can hire governesses and tutors to ensure that their children get top marks in school. However, Diana always struggled with her school work.  In interviews with her voice coach, Peter Settelen, she shared that her parents called her “the thick one”. They built up her brother’s intelligence, and constantly put her down. Every time she got a bad grade, she would cry, and feel horrible about herself. This caused her to form very low self-esteem. Even into her adulthood, she often called herself “thick” or “stupid”. 

This is likely why she felt inspired to become a nursery school teacher’s assistant when she was 18 years old. She loved children, and felt passionately about teaching them in a kind and loving way. In the book Diana: Her True Story In Her Own Words, she is quoted saying that she felt like a dropout, and that she was hopeless. This made her feel like she had very few practical life skills. The opportunity to marry the Prince of Wales must have seemed like her best option, even though there were plenty of red flags.