How Superman Became the Most Recognizable Superhero

How Superman Became the Most Recognizable Superhero

Larry Holzwarth - April 15, 2022

How Superman Became the Most Recognizable Superhero
Clark Kent turns to a Daily Planet storeroom as a refuge to turn into Superman in one of the animated shorts of the 1940s. Wikimedia

20. A future for Superman is all but ensured

In the 2010s several reboots of DC Comics’ entire lineup of Superheroes addressed the relationship of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, as well as Superman. In 2016 a reboot, called DC Rebirth confirmed the continuing relationship between Clark/Superman and Lois as married, and the biological parents of Jonathan Kent. Jonathan Kent became the new Superboy in 2017 and frequently appears with both of his parents in both Superman and Action Comics magazines. The many reboots and metaverse of the Superman saga are difficult for casual fans to comprehend. As a result, Superman currently does not rule the superhero realm as he did in his storied past. But, he has long been called the Man of Tomorrow.

Superman and his friends and enemies continue to appear in films, television productions, video games, computer animations, collecting cards, graphic novels, full novels, merchandise, collectibles, commercials, school supplies, posters, and of course, in comic books. Comic books from the classic Golden and Silver ages of Superman in good condition command huge sums from collectors. Children still wear Superman costumes at Halloween, as do many adults to judge from their availability on websites. As of this writing, Superman is nearly 84 years of age, but all indications are that he will continue to enjoy a fruitful life in the realms of entertainment and imagination.

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