40 facts about John D. Rockefeller, the richest American of all time

Rockefeller remained deeply religious throughout his long life, following the influence of his mother. Wikimedia

2. John’s mother was a devout Baptist who held the family together

Bill’s less than savory business practices and the belief that there were better opportunities on the other side of the hill led the family to move several times in John’s youth, eventually settling in Strongsville, Ohio. John was educated at a Cleveland high school followed by a ten week business class where he learned the rudiments of bookkeeping, giving him an opportunity for gainful employment. Though he shaped his studies towards business, he had a passion for music, which he considered as a career at one stage. He also gained the reputation as a formidable foe in debate, with a gift for expressing his opinions and beliefs with clarity and exactness. From his mother he inherited a religious fervor (Baptist) which remained part of his character for the remainder of his life.