35 Pictures of the Revolutionary Che Guevara

Che Guevara, Havana, Cuba, 1964. Elliott Erwitt
Walking through Red Square in Moscow, November 1964. Wikipedia
Che Guevara at a chess tournament in Havana, Cuba, 1965. Pinterest
37-year-old Guevara, holding a Congolese baby and standing with a fellow Afro-Cuban soldier in the Congo Crisis, 1965. After a failed revolution, Guevara concluded that he left rather than fight to the death because: “The human element failed. There is no will to fight. The leaders are corrupt. In a word … there was nothing to do.” Wikipedia
John Lennon and Che Guevara playing guitar in 1966.
Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Pinterest
Che Guevara drinking mate. Pinterest
Che Guevara During a Break in Voluntary Work in the Martí Neighbourhood, Havana. Liborio Noval
Che Guevara relaxing in the heat. History In Pictures
Che Guevara was an Argentine Marxist who was a major figure in the Cuban Revolution. Daily Mail
Che Guevara with his camera. Pinterest
Che was an avid photographer himself. In fact, he’s said that before becoming a comandante he was a photographer. parasolphotography
Guevara while on a golf outing with Fidel Castro. Daily Mail
Guevara operates a tractor. Daily Mail
Guevara in rural Bolivia, shortly before his death (1967). Pinterest
Félix Rodríguez, a Cuban exile turned CIA operative next to a Captured Che Guevara moments Before His Execution in Bolivia. 1967. Pinterest
Marc Hutten’s famous color image of Guevara’s body. Photo- Marc Hutten: AFP:Getty Images