20 Historical Events Seldom Taught in School

20 Historical Events Seldom Taught in School

Khalid Elhassan - June 28, 2019

20 Historical Events Seldom Taught in School
Charlie Chaplin. Daily Mail

1. Charlie Chaplin Got Off on Throwing Pies at Naked Women

Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977) was the silent film era’s most famous star and one of the silver screen’s all time greats. He also seems to have been Harvey Weinstein before there was a Harvey Weinstein, and is credited within pioneering the “casting couch”, whereby powerful Hollywood figures extracted sexual favors from actresses during auditions. Reportedly, Chaplin used caption cards during auditions to prompt aspiring actresses into increasingly suggestive acts and poses, until they stood before him naked or semi-naked.

It went beyond run of the mill quid pro quo sexual harassment, however. It seems that Charlie Chaplin was into some weird stuff, revolving around pies – and not just as comedic props and gags. After getting actresses to disrobe before him during auditions, Chaplin would grope them in exaggerated ways. Then, having worked himself up by getting them to do a strip tease on demand, followed by a groping session on the couch, Chaplin would climax by standing them naked against a wall, and throwing pies at them.


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