16 Incredible Ancient Creation Stories from Around the World

“Jacob’s Ladder” in Kabbalah beliefs. hebrew4christians.com

3. Kabbalah teaches that Light has always existed and had a need to share, so it created a Vessel who also desired to share; the Vessel created all life as we know it.

Light was the only thing in existence. There was no time, space, or matter. Light’s whole purpose was to share, but there was nothing to give to. The only solution was to create something to give to, so Light created the Vessel. The Vessel’s whole purpose was only to receive Light’s gifts. The exchange was perfection; there was no time or space, so Light could continually give, and the Vessel was able to continually receive. However, Vessel had inherited the giving trait from its creator Light.

The Vessel decided to start sharing its own gifts. Light agreed to step aside and allow the Vessel to fulfill its wish to be a giver. The Vessel, teeming with the abundance of gifts given by Light exploded into trillions and trillions of parts. All of these parts became matter, space, and time. The cosmos, the animals and plants, and the entire universe was of the Vessel’s effect. The Vessel had not only received from Light, he was able to give back to Light in the form of other beings to give to.