16 Incredible Ancient Creation Stories from Around the World

Illustration of a raven. totemtalk.ning.com.


2. Native Americans told tales of a raven accidentally creating man from a pea pod.

Raven stumbles upon a fully grown man. Curious and confused, Raven goes on to question him. The man explains that for four days, he grew inside of a pea pod. On the fifth day, he emerged fully formed. When he emerged he had a pain in his stomach. Alongside of him were pools of water, and when he drank from them the pain in his stomach stopped. The raven examined the man and then himself. Raven lifted off his mask. He stared up and down at the man, in awe of their similarities until Raven finally spoke, “What are you? From where did you come? I have never seen anything like you.” Raven had realized man shared the same form as himself.

Man shared that he had been born from a pea pod. Raven explained to man that he had made the vine but did not realize anything would be born from it. Raven asked man to wait for him and flew away. Raven returned with berries, handed them to man and said, “Here is what I have made for you to eat. I also wish them to be plentiful over the earth. Now eat them.” Raven then led Man to a small creek. Raven gathered clay and began to form small objects. Raven flapped his wings over the objects four times, and brought them to life.