10 Nazi War Criminals Who Escaped Justice Because They Were Useful to the US

Kurt Blome. Wikimedia

Kurt Blome Gave Concentration Camp Inmates Cancer, Infected Them With Typhus, and Poisoned Them With Nerve Gasses

Kurt Blome (1894 – 1969) was a high ranking scientist during the Nazi era, who became a Deputy Reich Health Leader, and a Plenipotentiary for Cancer Research in the Reich Research Council. His expertise was virology, and his titles masked his actual nefarious work during WW2: he was in charge of all biological warfare sponsored by the SS and the Wehrmacht. Despite conducting deadly experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz and elsewhere, the US intervened in his subsequent prosecution for wartime atrocities to get him off the hook, then hired him for secret work.

Although Plenipotentiary for Cancer Research, the title was deceptive: Blome’s interest was not in curing cancer, but in causing it via viruses, and in the military use of carcinogenic substances. He also headed an institute that aimed to develop biological warfare agents, whose experts advocated attacking the US with human and animal epidemic pathogens, as well as plant pests. Blome’s biological warfare organization conducted lethal experiments on 1700 inmates at the Mauthausen concentration camp. His organization also collaborated with Japan’s infamous Unit 731, which was carrying out even worse biological warfare experiments on the other side of the world.

Blome also experimented on concentration camp prisoners at Dachau and Buchenwald, infesting them with typhus-carrying lice in order to study how to best cause an epidemic. In 1943, he also proposed spreading malaria amongst targeted populations artificially, by dropping infected mosquitoes from airplanes. He also researched spreading animal diseases amongst British, American, and Soviet livestock from the air. In addition, he tested nerve gasses such as sarin and tabun on Auschwitz inmates.

He was captured after the war by US Army intelligence, and admitted during subsequent interrogations to numerous medical atrocities. There was ample evidence of crimes against Blome, and he had also admitted to crimes that would have been more than enough to send him to the gallows. Nonetheless, US officials intervened in a subsequent war crimes trial to get him acquitted. Soon thereafter, he was interviewed about germ warfare by representatives from Camp Detrick, Maryland, center of America’s biological warfare program. He was then hired by the US Army Chemical Corps to work on top secret chemical and biological warfare projects that remain classified to this day.