The Hairy History of Bigfoot in 20 Intriguing Events

Albert Ostman discusses his abduction, Canada, 1950s. Paranormal Junkie

7. Bigfoot took a liking to Albert Ostman in 1924

Perhaps the most famous, and most outrageous, story about Bigfoot came from the Canadian gold-prospector, Albert Ostman. After keeping the secret for 33 years, Ostman became inspired by the growing number of Bigfoot reports to tell the world his tale. While searching for lost gold mines in British Columbia, Ostman discovered someone – or something – interfered in his camp and pilfered some supplies. One night, Ostman woke to find he was being carried off in his sleeping bag. After three hours’ transportation, the helpless Ostman was unceremoniously dropped, finding himself surrounded by a family of Sasquatches, ‘two big and two little ones’.

‘The boy and the girl seem to be scared of me. The old lady did not seem too pleased about what the old man dragged home. But the old man was waving his arms and telling them all what he had in mind’. After being held captive and studied for six days, Ostman finally made his escape when the daddy-Bigfoot ate some of his snuff and became distressed. Seizing the opportunity, Ostman grabbed his rifle (that he slept with), and fired a shot over the head of Bigfoot’s furious wife as he fled from the valley.

‘Must have made three miles in some world record time’, Ostman deadpanned. As you’ve probably guessed, Ostman’s story has drawn widespread criticism and skepticism. Though he claimed to fear ridicule before the increase in reports about Bigfoot, it is hard not to suspect that he made up a ridiculous story to cash in on this new pop culture obsession. Amazingly though, many arose to defend him, including John Green, a famous Bigfoot investigator. However unlikely you find this tale, Ostman’s testimony is an essential episode in the Bigfoot legend, and has provided many researchers with invaluable notes on the behavior of the elusive creatures.