Historic Figures Who Were Secretly Terrible People
Historic Figures Who Were Secretly Terrible People

Historic Figures Who Were Secretly Terrible People

Shannon Quinn - March 6, 2023

Historic Figures Who Were Secretly Terrible People
Explorer Christopher Columbus. Credit: History

Christopher Columbus Enslaved Indigenous People

Growing up, you were probably taught that Columbus “discovered” America. In reality, he wasn’t actually the first person to discover America. And on top of that, he was a downright terrible person. Columbus and his crew took many of the native peoples they encountered as slaves. Many of these people were forced to work under inhumane conditions. His men engaged in violent acts against the native peoples, including murder, rape, and torture. The arrival of Europeans in the Americas led to the spread of diseases that the native peoples had no immunity to. This led to devastating epidemics that wiped out large numbers of the indigenous population. Columbus was primarily interested in exploiting the resources of the Americas for the benefit of Spain. All of these reasons are why we are trying to change it to “Indigenous People’s Day” rather than Columbus Day.

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