8 Bizarre Ways the CIA Tried to Kill Fidel Castro
8 Bizarre Ways the CIA Tried to Kill Fidel Castro

8 Bizarre Ways the CIA Tried to Kill Fidel Castro

Stephanie Schoppert - March 15, 2017

8 Bizarre Ways the CIA Tried to Kill Fidel Castro
Castro cleaning his mouth with a handkerchief in Havana in 2003. Gettyimages.com

Deadly Handkerchief

The poisoned wet suit idea may have been a bit of a bust, but the CIA was not willing to give up on the idea of making Castro deathly ill. They knew that if they could just get something close to the leader’s mouth then he could inhale it and they would have one dead dictator. However, there was much debate on just what they could get close to his mouth.

Cigars were the obvious choice and the CIA did try to poison Castro’s prized cigars, but that plan failed just like all the others. This led the CIA to begin thinking about something else that they could use that would not draw suspicion. That was when the idea of the handkerchief came into play.

The CIA knew that Castro always carried a white handkerchief with him to wipe his mouth or clean his face. The CIA hatched a plot to contaminate the handkerchief with a deadly bacterium. This attempt, like all the others, never really planned out.

It isn’t clear how far in the planning the CIA got with the deadly handkerchief. Apparently far enough that Fabian Escalante knew about it. He may have played a hand in preventing the handkerchief from getting to Castro, but it is unclear if the plot ever progressed that far.

8 Bizarre Ways the CIA Tried to Kill Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro giving a television speech in 1962. Nbcnews.com

Character Assassination

Initially the CIA wasn’t exactly trying to kill Castro, but they definitely wanted him to lose power and credibility with the people of Cuba, so they decided that maybe all they would need to is a little bit of character assassination. They figured maybe if they brought the charismatic leader down a few pegs, the people of Cuba might just do the job for them.

One way that they thought might work to destroy Castro’s reputation was to get rid of the beard. Castro became known for his beard as he came to power and he was even known as “The Beard.” They hatched the plan to put a power in his shoes that would cause the hair in his beard to fall out. They had operatives at his hotel and in position to put power in Castro’s shoes but for some reason the operatives did not follow through with the plan.

The other idea that the CIA had to destroy Castro’s character was to pump a television studio full of LSD at a time when Castro was doing a live broadcast. The figured large amounts of LSD would cause the leader to say plenty of ridiculous things or even talk about some of the bad things he had done, and as a result the Cuban people would no longer follow him. The plan was scrapped because of the obvious issues involved.

Given the political climate of Cuba and the devotion of his followers, it is unlikely that either of these attempts at character assassination would have been enough to accomplish the ultimate goal of the CIA: a Cuba without Castro. The lack of success with character assassination and Castro’s turn toward communism were the tipping points for the U.S., and the CIA was then given the authorization to try and assassinate Castro.

8 Bizarre Ways the CIA Tried to Kill Fidel Castro
Marita Lorenz with Castro and her father. Jezebel.com

Woman Scorned

The CIA was not above using people that were close to Castro to kill him. One of his old lovers knew the type of man that Castro could be. So when the CIA approached her and asked if she would be willing to help them kill Castro, she agreed. Even though they were no longer a couple, she still had a key to the place where he stayed and she knew her way around. The plan was to go there while he was away and find something that she could put poison pills into that he would ingest, either food or water.

There was also the idea that she might be able to trick him into eating the pills outright, but that was highly unlikely. The woman, Marita Lorenz, hid the poison pills given to her by the CIA in her cold cream so that no one would suspect anything when she went to the house. She used her key and let herself in, she then opened the jar of cold cream to extract the pills. It was then that she realized her mistake.

The pills had melted in the jar of cold cream. There was no way that she would be able to get him to ingest an entire jar of cold cream so she decided to abandon the mission and just leave. It was when she was heading toward the door that Castro returned home. He asked her if she was there to kill him and she replied that she was.

Castro then offered her his gun and told her to just shoot him if she wanted to kill him. She pointed the gun at him but realized that she couldn’t kill him. Castro told her that no one could kill him. She may have come the closest of anyone to killing the Cuban leader, but she too failed.