A Tragic Countdown Through the Life of America's Poor Little Rich Girl, Barbara Hutton

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11. During Part Of Her Childhood, Barbara Hutton Stayed At Mar-A-Lago

While this location is known as one of President Donald Trump’s private quarters, it was home to one of Hutton’s aunts, Marjorie Merriweather Post, who was then known as Mrs. E.F. Hutton. Post had spent years looking for the best location for her new home when she stumbled upon the land which Mar-A-Lago now sits. Construction for the estate took four years, and it was officially opened in January of 1927. The estate was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Until her death in 1973, Post used the estate as a vacation spot for many notable people.

Many people would describe the Mar-A-Lago as one of Hutton’s best memories throughout it childhood. This place was one of the few places where Hutton was happy. It was Post who became horrified at how Hutton’s father and stepmother were treating her. Therefore, Post brought Hutton to live with her for a period. Hutton found her aunt to be very supportive and caring. It would be Post and her husband, Hutton’s Uncle Ned, who would pick up Hutton during her vacations from school, so she would not be left at the boarding school by herself during holidays.