40 Facts About the Man on the Penny
40 Facts About the Man on the Penny

40 Facts About the Man on the Penny

Trista - December 28, 2018

40 Facts About the Man on the Penny
Painting of Lincoln writing. Picturing History.

3. Lincoln Would Test Rifles Outside Of The White House

President Abraham Lincoln took his Commander in Chief role seriously throughout the Civil War. Not only would he often visit the generals and soldiers on the battlefields and give speeches, but he would also test-fire the rifles which were going out to the soldiers. Lincoln took great care in the artillery that the Union troops would use and spent many hours discussing the firing weapons with professionals. On top of this, he would shoot off the rifles outside on the White House grounds, even though this was illegal in Washington, D.C.

40 Facts About the Man on the Penny
A picture of a picture of Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy. Pinterest.

2. Lincoln’s Mother Died Due To Poisoned Milk

Abraham Lincoln was only nine years old when his mother, Nancy Lincoln, passed away. She died on October 5, 1818, from what was called a mysterious milk illness. However, Nancy was not the only person to die due to this mysterious illness as this same sickness killed several others in the area. Years later, people would learn that what really killed Nancy was tainted milk from a cow which had ingested poisonous white snakeroot.

40 Facts About the Man on the Penny
The Lincoln Bedroom in the White House. US Government/White House History.

1. Lincoln Never Slept In the Lincoln Bedroom

Today, one of the most notable rooms in the White House is the Lincoln Bedroom. Decorated with a rosewood bed, simply called the “Lincoln Bed” which is believed to have been bought by Mrs. Lincoln when the family moved to the White House. However, Lincoln never actually slept in this room. What is now called the Lincoln Bedroom was Lincoln’s personal office, where he met with cabinet members, wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, and signed many vital documents.


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