16 Reasons Why The True Story Behind The Conjuring Is Even Creepier Than The Movie

The children started noticing strange things in their bedrooms. Warner Bros. Pictures

3. According to the Children, Malevolent Spirits Began to Fill the House

The Perron children didn’t think much of living in a home with good spirits. They would go out and enjoy a family day and not think anything of their inter-dimensional life back home, where they lived in between the physical world and the spirit world. When they began to speak out about their experiences 30 years later, they even had a fondness for their benevolent yet ghostly roommates.

However, their parents were aware that something was profoundly amiss and were experiencing something more sinister. Their father would open the front door and be overwhelmed by a putrefying smell. They didn’t know how to talk to their mother about what was going on, but something was apparently beginning to trouble, if not torment, her.

Soon, the benevolent ghosts that the children had become accustomed to were replaced with evil spirits. One day, Cindy said to Andrea that a disembodied voice was telling her about seven bodies that were buried in the wall. They later came to find out about the number of people who had died either in the house or on the property, both people who lived there and people who were just passing through.

Before too long, the family would be awakened every morning at 5:15 by an overwhelming smell of rotting flesh. Andrea claimed that a malevolent male spirit tortured the five little girls, but she refused to provide any details of the horror.