12 Details About Rasputin's Controversial Life Not Many People Know About

Rasputin at home with his children, at start of his career. Wikimedia

Rasputin Was a Sex Maniac Since Puberty

Rasputin was born Grigory Yefimovich Novykh in humble circumstances to a peasant family in a small village near Tyumen, Siberia, on January 21st, 1869. His father was a farmer who supplemented his income by working as a government courier, ferrying people and goods across and along the Tura river between nearby settlements. Of his childhood, little is known, except that he was not formally educated.

He remained functionally illiterate until he reached adulthood, and was barely literate thereafter. By the time he reached his teens, he had become somewhat of a delinquent, into heavy drinking, disrespecting the local authorities, and was involved in petty crimes such as minor thefts. He was also accused of blasphemy and bearing false witness during this period.

However, what really stood out – and what he was most notorious for in youth – was his licentiousness and passionate pursuit of the opposite sex. And many of whom were quite receptive and welcoming of his advances. Rasputin started racking up sexual conquests, and the first reports of the sexual magnetism for which he became famous date to his teens.

In his late teens, he met, courted, and married a peasant girl from a nearby village, but marriage did nothing to slow down his seemingly uncontrollable womanizing. He became so infamous in his village and the surrounding district for licentiousness that he earned the nickname Rasputin, meaning “the depraved”, or “the debauched one”, in Russian.