Five Allied Fighter Planes That Sent The Luftwaffe Into a Tailspin

4. The Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire

The Spitfires made a name for themselves in WWII, putting on the strongest attack against the Luftwaffe that the Allied forces had in their aircraft arsenal. These fighter planes made a big impact in the Battle of Britain, signifying themselves as strong contenders against enemy aircraft, most notably their rival German fighters.

The Spitfire model marked a new turn in fighter plane design, with modern features like elliptical wings and retractable landing gear adding a never-before seen element to Allied aircraft. In fact, this new-age design was so advanced, many new pilots actually crash-landed, assuming the landing gear was already in position, when really it needed to be released upon landing.

The Spitfire’s high rate of climb and its superb balance gave it another step up in defense. Pilots later remarked that these well-performing machines didn’t need much guidance at all, and that any Spitfire could right itself should anything happen to one of the pilots in combat. These fighter planes were the most produced during WWII, and were the greatest weapon for the Royal Air Force, remaining in service all the way through 1955.

And the greatest praise of all? Even the Luftwaffe wanted to get their hands on a supply of these great performers.