Why Everybody is Obsessed with Dragons and Other Intense Legends from History
Why Everybody is Obsessed with Dragons and Other Intense Legends from History

Why Everybody is Obsessed with Dragons and Other Intense Legends from History

Khalid Elhassan - October 12, 2022

Why Everybody is Obsessed with Dragons and Other Intense Legends from History
Disney’s take on Hercules. Alli Express

The Original of This Story Was Not Suitable for Modern Kids or Audiences

The Hera of Disney’s Hercules doted upon her son the famous Greek hero. By contrast, the original Hera of ancient Greek mythology could not stand Hercules. She tried to murder him before he was even born. In ancient Greek mythology, Hera grew livid when she learned that Zeus had impregnated Alcmene. So the chief Olympian’s wife forced Ilithya, the goddess of childbirth, to keep Hercules trapped in his mother’s womb. That plan was eventually foiled when a servant surprised Ilithya, and got her to lose her concentration long enough for Hercules to get born. Hera did not give up, however. A few months later, when Hercules was still a baby, she sent giant snakes to kill him. However, the supernaturally strong Hercules grabbed one in each hand and strangled them to death.

Why Everybody is Obsessed with Dragons and Other Intense Legends from History
Ancient Roman statue of an infant Hercules strangling a snake. Capitoline Museum, Rome

Throughout the life of Hercules, Hera continued to do all she could to harm him. At some point, she inflicted upon him a divine fit of madness, and in the grip of insanity, a raving Hercules grabbed a bow and killed his wife and children. When he regained his sanity and realized what he had done, Hercules fled to the Oracle of Delphi, to find out what he could do to wash away his sin. Unfortunately, Hera controlled the Oracle. She got it to saddle Hercules with a series of seemingly impossible tasks as a condition for cleansing him – what became the Twelve Labors of Hercules. In short, if Disney’s Hercules had adhered to ancient Greek mythology, Hera would not be a kind mother full of love, but the villain of the story.


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