The Craziest Schemes that the Government Ever Tried to Push on the Masses
The Craziest Schemes that the Government Ever Tried to Push on the Masses

The Craziest Schemes that the Government Ever Tried to Push on the Masses

Khalid Elhassan - August 13, 2022

The Craziest Schemes that the Government Ever Tried to Push on the Masses
Operation Fracture Jaw further soured President Johnson on General Westmoreland. Imgur

1. Fortunately, This Plan Was Abandoned Early On

FRACTURE JAW never went beyond the planning stage. As things turned out, fears of an American Dien Bien Phu at Khe Sanh proved to be overblown. The French debacle in the earlier siege was caused by France’s inability to resupply its beleaguered garrison from the air. However, America had an ace in the hole that France did not: the US Air Force, whose capabilities were orders of magnitude greater than that of France. American aerial assets managed to sustain the US garrison at Khe Sanh with adequate resupplies of men and materiel. Simultaneously, American air power severely punished the North Vietnamese besiegers until they lifted the siege and withdrew in the summer of 1968.

The Craziest Schemes that the Government Ever Tried to Push on the Masses
General William Westmoreland, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, and President Lyndon Baines Johnson. All Poster

As to General Westmoreland, after years of LBJ acceding to his requests for more and more troops, the president finally drew a line in 1968. That year, the American buildup in Vietnam reached a peak of 535,000 men. When Westmoreland asked for 200,000 more men, the president had enough. The general was already on thin ice because of his insatiable appetite for troops and materials. The attempt to keep secret from the White House a plan to nuke North Vietnam, and overall dissatisfaction with the war’s direction and prospects, soured LBJ on him even more. So Johnson decided to get a new commander. Westmoreland was sacked by promoting him upstairs to Army Chief of Staff. He was replaced with his deputy, Creighton Abrams, who began a steady troop draw down.


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