Ten Political Leaders Who Survived Multiple Assassination Attempts
Ten Political Leaders Who Survived Multiple Assassination Attempts

Ten Political Leaders Who Survived Multiple Assassination Attempts

Stephanie Schoppert - September 16, 2016

9. Muammar Gaddafi

Ten Political Leaders Who Survived Multiple Assassination Attempts

Muammar Gaddafi ruled Libya for 41 years and was hated both by some members of the international community and by those over which he ruled. Gaddafi had some very powerful enemies including people within his own army forces, Britain and the United States. The United States even went as far as to order military planes to bomb Gaddafi’s compound in 1986.

More attempts would follow including a plan from the British that would involve playing a militant group to kill Gaddafi with a car bomb. Britain claims they had no plans for killing Gaddafi but David Shayler (current on the run from authorities after sharing British secrets) states that there were.

In 1993, 2000 Libyan soldiers plotted to end the life of their leader. The soldiers were all members of the Wafalla tribe and they felt that their tribe was not represented in the upper ranks of the military. The Libyan Air Force, which is made up of the Qadhadhfa tribe that Gaddafi was a member of, stepped in and stopped the coup attempt. The years between 1987 and 1998 saw so many assassination attempts that Gaddafi created a new security force which raided mosques. Gaddafi believed that these mosques were the center of the counter-revolutionary preaching.

In 2011, the people began to rise up against Muammar Gaddafi and protests erupted throughout the country. Gaddafi ordered the military to fire upon protests killing hundreds which caused many of the politicians within his own government to defect to the other side. NATO also joined the side of the protested and began airstrikes. On April 6th, 2011 a NATO airstrike killed one of Gaddafi’s sons and three of his grandchildren but Gaddafi survived. Gaddafi was killed later that year by a rebel militia from Misrata who took him prisoner and beat him.

10. Vladimir Putin

Ten Political Leaders Who Survived Multiple Assassination Attempts

Vladimir Putin is the infamous leader of Russia and continues to incite anger from those within his own country and even more so from those outside his country. There have been several reported assassination attempts on the leader.

In 2002, he was planning a trip to Azerbaijan and a few months before his arrival the government heard of a plot to kill Putin during his visit. 10 days before the Russian leader was to visit Azerbijan security forces noticed a shipment of explosives enter the country. They traced the package and found Kyanan Rostam who they believed planned to carry out the assassination.

A 2012 assassination attempt right before the Russian Presidential election. Officials in Russia and the Ukraine state they had stopped an assassination attempt after they arrested two men who claimed they were planning to assassinate then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The alleged assassins showed the media a stockpile of explosives near a road that Putin would travel on the way to his government residence.

In 2016 there was a dramatic assassination attempt that may have come the closest of any of the others to killing Putin. The New World Order is believed to have tried to kill Putin in a head on collision in Moscow. The President’s official car was involved in a deadly accident when a Mercedes suddenly crossed lanes to hit the car head on. The crash killed Putin’s favorite driver but Putin was not in the car during the accident, despite the fact that he was supposed to be in the car on the way to the airport. Putin ended up changing cars at the last minute which had many believing that he had been informed of the plot. The president was shaken by the news but he continued on to his flight and the G20 summit in China.