Ten Amazing Things That You Need To Know About Julius Caeser
Ten Amazing Things That You Need To Know About Julius Caeser

Ten Amazing Things That You Need To Know About Julius Caeser

Ed - July 19, 2016

Julius Caser was one of the greatest Romans, he was a great politician and soldier. As a military leader, he was almost invincible and he won many battles and conquered many provinces for Rome. Ceaser was a noble, who used his military successes to establish himself as dictator of Rome and he was crucial in the transition of Rome from a Republic to an Empire. Here are ten amazing facts about Caeser that you many not know.


Caeser came from one of the most aristocratic families in Rome. His family was wealthy and influential. However, in politics, Caeser was always sympathetic to popular causes and the welfare of the common people. This was probably a strategy to help his political career.


Once when Caeser was captured by pirates he promised that he would crucify all his captors. The pirates laughed at this but Caeser after his release he returned and captured the pirates and true to his world he had then crucified.

Ten Amazing Things That You Need To Know About Julius Caeser
Caeser receiving the surrender of the Gauls


Caeser was Pontifex Maximus, that is he was responsible for sacrifices and oracles in Rome. This office gave him great prestige in Rome.


His great enemy was Pompey. However, once they had been related by marriage. Caeser’s daughter was married to Pompey and it was a happy marriage. When Pompey’s wife died in childbirth the relationship between Caeser and Pompey soured and they began to mistrust each other and eventually became implacable foes.


Caeser was never one to observe legalities. He frequently disobeyed orders and laws. This is best seen in his crossing of the Rubicon, with his army which was technically illegally.


Caeser wrote commentaries on his wars, these are the Gallic Wars and the Civil Wars. They are regarded as masterpieces of Latin Literature and are still read today. Caeser wrote them to have them read aloud to crowds in Rome, in order to publicize his achievements.


No one knows how many people were killed as a result of Caeser’s conquest of Gaul (modern day France). Caeser tells of tens of thousands dying in one battle. It seems likely that hundreds of thousands were killed during Caeser’s conquest of Gaul.


Julius Caeser had an affair with the mother of Brutus. He was one of the leaders of the plot to kill Caeser, who had always treated the young Brutus with kindness and consideration.

Ten Amazing Things That You Need To Know About Julius Caeser
Bust of Julius Caeser


When Caeser was assassinated he fell and died beneath a statue of Pompey, the irony of this was not lost on the Romans.


Caeser was renowned for his mercy. He had earlier pardoned, after the Battle of Pharsalia, many of those who eventually plotted against him and killed him. Indeed he pardoned Brutus when Mark Anthony wanted to have him killed. This act of kindness did not save Julius Caeser form his enemies.