40 Interesting Facts About Bernie Sanders

40 Interesting Facts About Bernie Sanders

Trista - February 24, 2019

40 Interesting Facts About Bernie Sanders
Ben’s Best Bernie’s Yearning Ice Cream. Samantha Bonar / Today.

2. Sanders Has His Own Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor

Not only has Bernie Sanders received support through someone creating a computer game for his campaign but he also has his own Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor. This favor is called Bernie’s Yearning and does not get a Ben & Jerry’s label but co-owner of the Ice Cream Company, Ben Cohen created the flavor. If you order Bernie’s Yearning, you will receive mint ice cream with a chocolate disk on top. This disk represents the 1%.

40 Interesting Facts About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders played basketball with his grandchildren before claiming victory in the New Hampshire primary in 2016. CNN Newsource / cnycentral.com.

1. He Participated In Athletics In High School

Bernie Sanders spoke about how he participated in sports in high school because of his running skills. During high school, Bernie held the title of captain for the track cross country team. He also called himself a good basketball player and played the sport while he grew up in the community of Brooklyn, including for the high school team. When he won the Primaries in New Hampshire, Bernie proved he could still make a basket.


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