20 Photographs Reliving the Moscow Music Peace Festival of 1989

20 Photographs Reliving the Moscow Music Peace Festival of 1989

By Jacob Miller
20 Photographs Reliving the Moscow Music Peace Festival of 1989

The Moscow Music Peace Festival was a series of performances by famous rock bands in the Soviet Union on August 12-13, 1989, as a promotion of peace and a way to establish international cooperation between the USSR and the West. The concert was put together by music producer and band manager Don McGhee and his Make a Difference Foundation

A secondary reason behind the festival was to help fight the Soviet drug problem.  Don McGhee created the Make a Difference Foundation after being arrested for drug smuggling. One of the conditions of his parole was that he use his influence in the music world to start an anti-drug foundation. The Make a Difference Foundation brought doctors to the USSR to teach new methods of treating drug addiction. At the time, electroshock therapy was the primary treatment method in the Soviet Union.

The event was held in Moscow’s largest stadium, Central Lenin Stadium (now known as Luzhniki Stadium). This was the first time that an audience was allowed to stand and dance at a concert in the Soviet Union. Before this, all concert attendees had to remain seated.

The bands that performed were: Cinderella, Scorpions, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bon Jovi from the West. Gorky Park, Nuance, and Brigada-S from the USSR.

Disembarkation. Moscow Music Festival, 1989. tabloid.net.ru
Bon Jovi and other musicians arive in Moscow, 1989 for Peace Concert. alwaysmountaintime
Jon Bon Jovi, JDK, Tico Torres, Alec John Such, David Bryan & Richie Sambora – in Moscow for the ‘Moscow Peace Festival’- 1989. johnkalodner
Bon Jovi, Moscow Music Peace Festival. Pinterest
Moscow Music Peace Festival. youtube
Luzhniki Stadium during the Moscow Music Peace Festival. bonjovi.pl
Moscow Music Peace Festival stage and croud. Jeremy Thom Designs
Cinderella plays at Moscow Music Peace Festival. youtube
Cinderella. Tumblr
Motley Crue performing at the Moscow Music Peace Festival, 1989. Tumblr