16 Reasons Why Prince Charles' and Diana's Marriage Was A Complete Disaster
16 Reasons Why Prince Charles’ and Diana’s Marriage Was A Complete Disaster

16 Reasons Why Prince Charles’ and Diana’s Marriage Was A Complete Disaster

Trista - January 22, 2019

16 Reasons Why Prince Charles’ and Diana’s Marriage Was A Complete Disaster
Princess Diana in her little black revenge dress. Pinterest.

3. Princess Diana Sought Revenge In A Little Black Dress

Today women often are seen in revenge dresses after a breakup with their significant other. After her divorce, Princess Diana was no different. In fact, many people feel that the little black dress Princess Diana wore after her divorce was the best revenge dress of the modern age. The designer of Diana’s little black dress was Christina Stambolian. The dress was not only black but made of silk and considered to be a bit daring for a woman of her status and previous royal status during that time.

However, Princess Diana wore the dress in style and definitely made heads turn. Princess Diana wore her revenge dress to an event on the same night that a tell-all documentary about Prince Charles. Many people believe that Princess Diana purposely wore the dress that day because of the documentary. In this documentary, Prince Charles admitted to his infidelities during his marriage to Princess Diana. Prince Charles stated that while he tried to remain faithful, there came the point where he felt continuing to try was pointless.

16 Reasons Why Prince Charles’ and Diana’s Marriage Was A Complete Disaster
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales leave St. Paul’s Cathedral following their wedding July 29, 1981 in London, England. Anwar Hussein/Getty Images/The Knot News.

2. Despite Everything, Prince Charles And Princess Diana’s Wedding Considered The Most Memorable

Since Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage in July of 1981, both their boys, Prince William and Prince Harry have gotten married. Prince Charles also remarried in 2005. However, the wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana is still considered the most memorable wedding among the royal family. Elizabeth and David Emanuel designed the iconic wedding dress, however, at the time, they wrote her name down wrong, the couple did not realize she was Princess Diana. The couple also did not know the wedding dress would become so iconic.

The couple kept all the secrets to Princess Diana’s wedding dress a secret. They were told not to reveal anything, and they never did, until after the fact. Later, the couple admitted that not only was Diana physically beautiful but also very easy to work with. They stated that Diana made the whole creation of the dress process fun for them and they enjoyed working with her. On top of this, they confirmed that Princess Diana had lost weight just weeks before her wedding day, going from a waistline of about 26 inches down to 23 inches.

16 Reasons Why Prince Charles’ and Diana’s Marriage Was A Complete Disaster
Prince Charles and his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Sky News.

1. Prince Charles Was Heartbroken When Princess Diana Died, But The Queen Was Not

On August 31, 1997, the world became shocked and saddened to hear that Diana, Princess of Wales, died. She died in a car crash which occurred in Paris, France. Princess Diana, along with her driver and bodyguards were in a speeding vehicle as they tried to escape the paparazzi. Unfortunately, the driver lost control in an underpass, and the crash killed Princess Diana. While the world mourned the deal of Princess Diana, no one was more heartbroken than her two boys, William and Harry, and surprisingly to many, Prince Charles.

While Prince Charles did what he could to be strong for his two boys, he became distraught and sometimes inconsolable when the boys were not in his presence. To top it off, Prince Charles felt he did not get the support he needed from his family, especially his mother, Queen Elizabeth, who did not seem so heartbroken by the death of Princess Diana. Many people believe that this situation is what helped drive a wedge between Prince Charles and his parents.


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